The Early Career Cover Image Award

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Each Issue the ICS board will select a scientific image to highlight on the front cover of FoC. The winning image will include a brief description of the image, and a profile of the winner within the newsletter.


Eligibility: graduate students, post-doctoral staff, and early career researchers (generally, but not exclusively under 40 years of age) are eligible to apply.


Interested applicants should email the FoC Editor with one suggested image of their research. Images could include immunochemistry (tissues, cells etc), pathology, structures, or any other image of relevance to complement research. All images should not have any copyright that would be infringed if published in FoC (eg. work already published in a journal). Submissions should also include a brief profile of the researcher and a description of the image (~100 words each).


Winners of the Award will additionally receive a signed certificate from the ICS.

Zoltán Prohászka, PhD

FoC Editor


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