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The Society is soliciting formal bids to host the 31st Complement Workshop (ICW2027).  

If you are interested in hosting this workshop please submit your letter of intent by March 01, 2024 to Karen Gottlieb.

A full proposal for the 31st Complement Workshop must be submitted by September 01, 2024, in order for the ICS Council to select the final site that month.

A bid for the biennial meeting should at least consist of the following information:

    • Local Organizing Committee (LOC): Names and Institutions
    • Budget Estimate
    • Proceeds : Registration fees, miscellaneous etc.
    • Costs: venue, administration/organization, printer matter/articles, catering/social program, miscellaneous, contingencies etc.
    • Congress Venue
    • Congress Facilities
    • Number of rooms, auditoria, exhibition space, AV-facilities, restaurants/lunch arrangements
    • Hotel Information: Economy as well as more luxurious
    • Professional Conference Bureau, if applicable
    • Description of the city
    • Travel Information
    • Climate
    • Social Program
    • Conference Website
Terms of Reference to Bid for Hosting an International Complement Workshop

*Note: Reference the ICS By-Laws page for additional detailed information regarding the ICW-LOC.

General Qualification

Only bids from National Universities, Scientific or Clinical Institutions, or a group of at least 3 scientists engaged in Complement Research will be considered.  Before the official decision of selection is made, these Terms of Reference will be accepted by signature by all applicants petitioning to serve as a Local Organizing Committee for the International Complement Workshop (ICW-LOC).


1. Preface

These Terms of Reference will serve as the main requirements for organizing an International Complement Workshop (ICW; the Conference). They contain the policies and requirements governing this biennial event and establish guidelines for its associated tasks and responsibilities.


2. Process for Appointment of the Local Organizing Committee

After receiving all formal bids, inclusive of their signed “Terms of Reference”, the International Complement Society (ICS) Board, will select two suitable candidates. Representatives of the groups will make a presentation to the ICS Council, which will then select the Local Organizing Committee. Interested parties are encouraged to begin bid preparation two years in advance of the time that the ICS will decide on the location (i. e., 4 years in advance of the proposed meeting they should submit a letter of intent to the ICS and three years prior to the meeting, they should submit a formal petition to host the meeting. This document shall include all the information required in the Terms of Reference).  

ICS will announce the appointment of the ICW-LOC two years in advance at that year’s International Complement Workshop.


3. Parties

– International Complement Society (ICS).

– Local Organizing Committee of the ICW (ICW-LOC).

The parties shall co-operate to organize an International Complement Workshop. The official organizer of the Conference is the ICS in co-operation with ICW-LOC.


4. Definitions

4.1. The Conference Organizer

The International Complement Society (ICS) is the owner and organizer of the International Complement Workshop.


4.2. Host Institution

The ICW-LOC will carry the overall financial and organizational responsibilities for all aspects of the Conference.

The venue for the International Complement Workshop is selected by the ICS based on a petition submitted by academic/clinical institutions or by a group of at least 3 scientists interested in hosting the conference. Bids that are submitted are evaluated based on the following criteria: (1) proposed dates of the meeting; (2) details about the venue including location, availability of transportation, description of accommodations that will be used for the meeting (lodging, conference facilities, dining facilities, recreational and cultural opportunities); (3)


Cost of accommodations; (4) if the Local Organizing Committee plans to contract with a conference organizer, the bid should include information about that entity including their fee for service and what services they will provide; and (5) how the ICW-LOC will finance up-front costs prior to receiving revenues from the meeting.


The ICS Board reserves the right to change the host institution, even after signing the agreement with the LOC, should any significant changes occur relating to the selection criteria or in the case of non-compliance with these Terms of Reference.


5. Purpose

The purpose of the conference is to promote research on Complement.


6. General role of the ICS

The ICS is the sole owner and official organizer of the International Complement Workshops. The ICS President and President-Elect will be ex-officio members of the ICW-LOC and participate in all administrative and scientific decisions taken by the ICW-LOC. Decisions shall be made by voting. If a decision cannot be reached by the ICW-LOC, the ICS Board will act as a binding arbitrator. The ICW-LOC, including the ICS President and President-Elect, shall meet at least once a year.


The ICS will cooperate with the ICW-LOC in the invitation of speakers and planning of conference program. The ICS must approve the final list of speakers and ICW program. The ICS will be responsible for handling of scholarships, scoring the abstracts, public and international relations, contractual and legal matters.

7. General role of the Local Organizing Committee (ICW-LOC)

The ICW-LOC shall cooperate with the ICS to ensure the success of the Conference.

The Responsibilities of the LOC are as follows:

  • Designation of the Conference Chair. This shall be a member of the ICW-LOC. The Chair will have the overall responsibility for the Conference Scientific Program and be the Spokesperson for the Conference.
  • If needed, designation of 1-2 Co-Chairs for the ICW-LOC.
  • The Conference Chair and Co-chairs will report to ICS.
  • The ICW-LOC will also assist with the following:
  • Preparing the city and country for the Conference
  • Co-organize the Opening Ceremony
  • Co-organize the Closing Ceremony
  • Co-organize the Social Program
  • Coordinating Local/regional media liaison
  • Undertaking protocol and diplomatic arrangements for political dignitaries who attend the Conference
  • Organize the Security Arrangement
  • Organize transportation
  • Co-organize sponsorship
  • Organize facilities
  • Prepare and distribute all printed and digital documents
  • Plan exhibitions
  • Handle registration
  • Handle staffing

ICW-LOC will ensure in collaboration with the Local Government that entry visas can be obtained by all participants, and that work permits are obtained by those engaged by the ICS, the Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) or other legal entities appointed by the ICS for the organization of the Conference.


ICW-LOC shall provide support for purposes of marketing and sponsorship of the Conference


8. Financing and surplus sharing

The ICW-LOC will assume the financial responsibility for the Conference. As a condition of this responsibility, the ICW-LOC must agree that the ICS has full authority to decide upon, and gain full insight into, Conference costs and income.  After successful approval of the Bid, the ICS will act as underwriter of the meeting for financial purposes. The ICS will also provide up to $30,000 USD prior to the meeting start to help facilitate conference bookings/deposits on an as-needed basis after approval from the Executive Council. It is the expectation that this funding will return to the ICS following conclusion of the meeting, and does not form part of the Surplus as described below.


Any surplus funds remaining after taking into account all items provided for in the budget shall be allocated as follows:
      The ICS 80%
      ICW-LOC 20%


9. Legal organization

The Conference will be organized in the name of the ICS.


10. Administrative responsibilities

10.1. Public Relations (PR)

The actual PR activities for the Conference will be developed by the ICS.


10.2. Sponsorship and Fund raising

The ICS and ICW-LOC will be responsible for raising funds for the Conference. The ICS will also develop a sponsor package and function guidelines to serve as a point of reference for all sponsorship activities. The Conference will allow commercial satellite activity during the official days of the conference.


10.3. Support for developing country participation / Scholarship Program

The Conference must provide support to participants from developing countries. The ICS will provide the administrative structure for developing the Scholarship Program.


10.4. Selection of Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)

The ICW-LOC will select and sign an agreement with the PCO. This agreement will include documentation that the PCO will comply with these Terms of Reference.  ICS preferred PCO for the ICW meetings is The Meeting Planners.


10.5. Logo

The ICS and the ICW-LOC will collaborate on developing the Conference Logo. In addition to the Conference Logo, the ICS Logo shall appear on all Conference materials.


10.6. Conference Web Site

The ICW-LOC will provide the Web site for the Conference.


10.7. Membership fees

ICS Membership fee of USD $50 (two years) and USD $35 for students shall be included in the Conference Registration Fee.


11. Copyright

The ICS holds all copyrights and any other intellectual property rights used or developed for the Conference, or otherwise relating to the Conference, and any related material produced in whatever form.


12. Hotels

ICW-LOC will initiate the negotiation with the Hotels and will obtain a written agreement from the hotels stating that the rooms are available and that the cost is fixed for the Conference dates. This document must be signed before the official announcement of selected Workshop venue is made.


13. Liability

All activities will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the host country. The ICS shall not be liable for any claims made against the ICS or any other person or organization as a result of the ICS’s work under this project or any negligent acts, omissions or willful misconduct on the part of the ICS’s employees or agents.


14. Disputes and Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of USA. In the event there should be a dispute between ICS and the ICW-LOC, regarding the interpretation and/or the implementation of the Agreement, which the parties cannot resolve amicably, then such dispute shall be referred to arbitration under the rules and regulations laid out by the Arbitration Institute of the Chamber of Commerce in USA. The arbitral tribunal shall be composed of three arbitrators. The place of arbitration shall be St. Louis, Missouri and the language to be used in the proceedings shall be English. The parties accept to be bound by the decision of the above mentioned arbitral tribunal, which will be enforced as a definitive judgment and, therefore, there will be no appeal against it.


15. Minimum Venue Requirement

Candidates must meet minimum venue requirements.

15.1. Meeting requirements

15.1.1. Plenary Session Hall

Seating capacity of at least 500.

15.1.2. Registration area

Sufficient space to handle the registration and inquiry of 500 participants.

15.1.3. Information and communication

Adequate arrangements for information and communication.

15.1.4. Offices

A minimum requirement of one office to be used for the ICS Governing Council, Secretariat, President, Local Chair etc.

15.1.5. ICS Member Lounge
Adequate space for an ICS member lounge with a seating capacity of at least 20 persons and at least 4 personal computers with free Internet connection.

15.1.6. Catering facilities
Sufficient catering facilities/restaurants to accommodate all participants.


15.2. Hotel requirements

The city should be able to provide the following number of hotel accommodation in the following categories:

  • 4 and 5 star: 100-150 rooms
  • 2 and 3 star: 50-100 rooms
  • Student accommodation: 50 rooms

The organizers must demonstrate that the housing is at reasonable distance for the participants in the conferences.

15.3. Exhibition requirements

15.3.1. Posters
A minimum requirement of 300 square meters gross is required to accommodate 300 posters.

15.3.2. Exhibitors Space

Sufficient space should be guaranteed to commercial exhibitors.

(Updated: Jan 2024)


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