Deadline for nominations August 06

As we approach the XXVIII International Complement Virtual Workshop, Dec 06-10, 2021, it is time to remind all ICS members to send nominations to replace those ICS Board members whose term of service will have expired in 2021.  Please submit nominations for:





     (2) Councilors - 6-year terms


1. In accordance with the bylaws of the ICS, nominations for Officers and Councilors may be made by a petition by five (5) members of ICS. Efforts to maintain international representation among Councilors will be made.  The on-line petition requires Nominee and Nominators have prior approval of support of this nomination.

2. The on-line petition shall be submitted on-line by the deadline Friday August 06, 2021. The President shall present the names to the Council for final consideration.

3.  The ICS office will contact the Nominees and request the following information to complete their nomination:

     -Conflict of Interest form

     -Brief resume


     -Statement of qualifications for the ballot form

4. Nominees shall be active members of ICS at the time of their nomination and throughout their terms.

5. Election will be conducted during the International Complement Workshop in Berlin.

6. At the ICW 2021, a ballot with names of all Nominees approved by Council will be included in the Delegate's registration packet.  The ballot shall contain space for write-in candidates. Included with the ballot shall be the qualifications of each Nominee.

7. Voting members of ICS unable to attend the workshop will have the opportunity to vote on-line. The ballot shall contain space for write-in candidates. All ballots must be submitted at least one week before the election. The Secretary will keep all electronic ballots sealed and provided to the Election Committee nominated by the President for tabulation of the results of the election.

Thank you for participating in the 2021 ICS elections