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Early-Career Complementologists (ECCO) is a new initiative from the European Complement Network (ECN) and the International Complement Society (ICS), two professional societies managed by researchers and clinicians investigating the complement system in health and disease. ECCO aims to support, engage and connect early-career scientists in the complement field worldwide.

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It is our pleasure to announce the 1st ECCO PhD Journal Article Award, sponsored by the International Complement Society (ICS). The award will be presented by the Chair of ECCO at the 28th International Complement Virtual Workshop.



Early-Career Researchers (ECRs, defined as graduate, Ph.D. or post-doc level up to 5 years post-Ph.D.) who published a peer-reviewed article are eligible, if:

  • The ERC is 1st author or shared 1st author on the article

  • The article was published within the last 2 years

  • The published work was (or will be) included in the PhD work thesis

  • The main focus of the article was the complement system

  • All applicants must be registered as a member of ECCO. (Membership is free and ERCs can

    directly register via link:

  • The applicant is registered for the 28th International Complement Virtual Workshop (Dec. 06 –10, 2021)

Applications should include:

1) Short Curriculum Vitae (1 page):

Don’t use any general metrics (e.g. H-index, Journal Impact Factor) to avoid narrow assessments that merely look at proxies of academic impact, but disregard quality, originality, validity, sentiment and societal impact. You may also not mention total citations, acquired sum of raised grants or prizes. In case you mention grants or prizes, you must provide context, e.g. by describing how the opportunities offered by the grant or prize were used.

2) The published article (PDF version)

3) Motivation letter (1 – 2 pages). Briefly address at least the following points:

  • What is the most relevant outcome of the Journal Article and why?

  • What was your contribution to the Journal Article? Why did you choose a PhD project in complement research?

  • Which challenges did you have to overcome for your PhD work?

  • Why should you get the ECCO PhD Journal Article Award?

Application Deadline:
The application deadline is October 31, 2021. The ECCO committee will select the awardee, who will be notified of the decision by end November, 2021.
The application documents (as one single pdf) have to be submitted electronically to


The Winner of the ECCO PhD Journal Article Award will receive $500 as check and a signed certificate from ECCO. Winners of the Award will additionally be interviewed as ECCO Scientist of the Month and announced on ECCO social media platforms as well as in the FoC newsletter of ICS.

Feel free to contact the ECCO committee for any questions regarding the ECCO PhD Journal Article Award.

Award Instructions.pdf