The brand-new scientific organisation, Early-Career Complementologists (ECCO), has been started as a collaboration between the International Complement Society and the European Complement Network.


In the ECCO, we work to engage early-career scientists in the complement field. We share information about great science, job opportunities, fellowship-calls, as well as social activities. Follow our weekly updates on social media, and participate in shaping your complement society. Follow us, and message us directly on Twitter: @YoungComplement or on Facebook: For general enquiries about ECCO, please contact Martin (details below).


CONTRIBUTE your science: Did you recently published a paper relevant to the complement field? Submit your work for “Paper of the week”, and have a shot at being nominated as “Scientist of the month”! For questions concerning social media, please contact Nikolaj/ Inkeri (details below).


JOIN US: At our annual ECCO meetings and events where we bring early-career scientists together to discuss developments in the field, share protocols, socialise and build new collaborations.

  • 13 – 17th of September 2020: Participate in our event at the International Complement Workshop in Berlin.


For further information about meetings and events, please contact Nicole (details below).



Chair: Dr. Martin P. Reichhardt, Oxford, United Kingdom

Nicole Schäfer, Regensburg, Germany

Nikolaj Kirketerp-Møller, Copenhagen, Denmark

A. Inkeri Lokki, Helsinki, Finland

Follow us, and message us directly:


     Twitter:   @YoungComplement


The current committee: