Early Career Complement Investigators


                                                                               The brand-new scientific organization, Early Career
                                                                               Complement Investigators (ECC), has been started as
                                                                               a collaboration between the International
                                                                               Complement Society and the European Complement


In the ECCO we work to engage young researchers in the complement field. We share information about great science, job opportunities, fellowship-calls, as well as social activities. Follow our weekly updates on social media, and participate in shaping your complement society.


Follow us, and message us directly on

     Twitter:   @YoungComplement

     Facebook:   www.facebook.com/YoungComplement

For general enquiries about ECCO, please contact Martin (details below).


CONTRIBUTE your science: Recently published a paper relevant to the complement field? Submit your work for “Paper of the week”, and have a shot at being nominated as “Scientist of the month”! For ideas and contributions on social media, please contact Nikolaj or Inkeri.


JOIN US: At our annual ECCO meetings and events where we bring young scientists together to discuss developments in the field, share protocols, socialise and build new collaborations.

Recent Meetings:

  • 7-9th of June, 2019: YCI Annual Meeting Luxembourg

  • 14-17th of September 2019: EMCHD Meeting in Madrid

  • 13-17th of September 2020: International Complement Workshop in Berlin

Keep an eye on Facebook or follow the link below for details:



For further information about meetings and events, please contact Nicole.


The current committee:

Chair: Dr. Martin P. Reichhardt, Oxford, United Kingdom:


Ms. Nicole Schäfer, Regensburg, Germany:


Mr. Nikolaj Kirketerp-Møller, Copenhagen, Denmark:


Dr. A. Inkeri Lokki, Helsinki, Finland:



YCI 2nd Meeting
June 07-09, 2019
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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