A new initiative called "Ask an Expert" has been designed as a resource for Supporters of the Society who are in need of expert advice in the field of Complement.


ICS is assembling an online, password-protected database to enable external bodies to identify relevant specialists in the Complement area.  Our volunteers will be basic and translational researchers, clinicians and diagnostics experts; with decades of research and/or clinical practice in the field of Complement.


Who are the Experts?

Complement Experts are self-identified and members of the ICS who volunteer and make themselves available to provide limited information and advice on many aspects of Complement research. We are looking for volunteer Experts in the following areas:

         Complement Components: Structure and Function
         Complement Genetics and Deficiencies
         Complement Regulation of Innate Inflammatory Responses
         Complement Regulation of Adaptive Immunity
         Complement in Host-Pathogen Interaction
         Complement and Autoimmune Disease
         Complement in Vascular Biology and Diseases
         Complement and the Nervous System
         Complement Inhibitors: Therapeutic Intervention

         Complement Clinical Trials
         Complement:  All other topics  (microbiome, metabolism, organ
              specific disorders, synthesis etc.)
          Clinical Applications:  Diagnostics or Therapy


How will it work?

When a Supporter would like the professional opinion of a Complementologist, they may contact the Expert directly through links provided with each expert behind a password protected page on the website.


Experts will fill out the Expert Volunteer Form and self-identify the categories they will provide expertise.

        Ask an Expert Volunteer Form

        Note: Your information and photo will be posted to a separate page that is password protected. You will be
        provided the password and have the option to review and request changes prior to the page being enabled.


Support by the ICS is limited to facilitating an initial contact between interested parties. All further activities, inclusive of contracts, consultation and information flow are the responsibilities of the individual Expert and interested Supporter. Specifically, the ICS makes no guarantee as to the content or information provided by the Expert.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

While ICS and its members try hard to transmit accurate information, such information is not intended as a substitute for qualified professional advice, and ICS and its members cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided.