The International Complement Society is a professional society which promotes advances of complement research and development through the encouragement of cooperative educational programs, clinical applications, and professional standards in the complement field.

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues:

I am very honored to have been elected to succeed Michael Holers as president of ICS for the next 2 years. Michael's contribution as president has been invaluable. Fortunately, he continues as past president and as chairman of our Industry Relations Committee and I look forward to our further cooperation and his service for the Society.


A big thank you also go to Denise Tambourgi and Bo Nilsson who have done an excellent job as councilors, but now leave the ICS board after the term of office and a big welcome to our two new council members Zoltan Prohaszka and Leendert Trouw. I also want to thank Andrea Tenner for her lead role of organizing the XXVII Complement Workshop that took place in Santa Fe in September 2018. It was a terrific meeting, very well organized, which really showed that the complement field is expanding and more alive than ever. Another important person for our Society is our Executive Director Sheilah Jewart who has become the glue of our organization and that has brought many new ideas and important initiatives to our community.


At the organizational level the new ICS Council recently held its first group conference call by video link to accomplish this task, which has become a very useful tool to easily and more frequent than in the past arrange councilor meetings since our members are spread around the world. At the meeting Santiago Rodríguez De Córdoba presented the details of the 17th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease to be held in Madrid in September 2019 (http://www.emchd2019.com) as did Peter Zipfel who updated about the upcoming XXVIII Complement Workshop to be arranged in Berlin in September 2020 (https://www.icw-conference.de). Both conferences are something to look forward to.

As a deeper understanding of the complement system in health and disease will continue new complement related therapies and diagnostic tools will be developed. Since many new complement drugs is in the pipeline our young researchers, which are highly skilled and trained in complement, will become attractive candidates for the growing numbers of companies that have complement related drugs in their armament. This will hopefully ease the translation of basic complement knowledge into a clinical applicable setting. Thus, to strengthen the profile of ICS we have recently got approved the slogan “Complement…We are the Experts™ as trademark that we will use in future branding of ICS and our researchers.


A new initiative that recently has been launched is the scientific youth organization, Young Complement Investigators (YCI), that has been started as a collaboration between the International Complement Society and the European Complement Network (www.facebook.com/YoungComplement). The YCI will work to engage young researchers in the complement field. They will share information about science, job opportunities, fellowship-calls, as well as social activities and arrange gatherings and meetings to discuss complement related matters. We will support and encourage them, and I wish them all success they can get. From my point of view, it is important that we stimulate young researchers in their career path to become independent complement researchers and lay the foundation for new complement research groups around the world and to strengthen the old ones.

Now new non-canonical roles of the complement proteins are being discovered almost monthly in the literature, with surprising biological impact, that may lead us to rethink many old dogmas about the cascade and how the complement system interplay with other biological systems.  I hope that during my tenure we can strengthen the society and our community both to spread the knowledge about complement, but also to stimulate the relationship between basic and clinical research and the Industry to create the necessary ecosystem that will make the wheel turn in a way that the findings in the complement research laboratories can find their way into a clinical applicable setting.



Peter Garred

President, ICS

International Complement Society

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Sheilah Jewart


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